Possible FAQ

How do I know if I'm a good fit for the program?
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Possible was built for you if:
1.  You are searching for your next career move, but not sure what your options are.
2. You are seeking an introduction to the tech industry and want to see where you might fit.
3. You are exploring multiple career paths that Possible offers, but aren't sure which one is right for you.

If you are someone who has already decided what you are trying to do next and are seeking training, you might be a better fit for a bootcamp, graduate school, or a self-taught course. While there are many incredible skill training programs, Possible is the only program really built to help facilitate a career choice.

What career paths are supported and do I need to be interested in every path?
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Possible's pilot program supports the following functions in tech: Design, Product Management, Marketing, Sales, and Data Analytics.

It is not expected that you will explore every one of these paths, but this is a great way to get exposure to a breadth of different career options and go a little deeper in a 2-3.

What is the program like, really?
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Possible is a structured, 1-month program to help you get a sense of the tech industry and learn about the above functions.

You will go through a variety of programming, including fireside chats with industry professionals, workshops, projects, small groups, and events. Week 1 is focused primarily on exposure to the tech industry as a whole. Weeks 2 and 3 are designed to help you test your interests. Week 4 is designed to help you plan next steps.

Throughout the program, you can determine what paths you want to explore, what events to attend, what workshops to participate in, and what projects to do. Additionally, each week you get to sign up for an intimate fireside chat with professionals who work at different stage startups to Fortune 100 companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. These will be limited to 5 spots and are first-come, first-serve.

Each week you will also have a small group to support your goals, reflections, and hold you accountable. If you want to see a copy of the schedule, shoot us a note at david@heypossible.com.

Can I apply for the Possible's program even if I don't have experience in tech?
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Yes, as long as you are driven and willing to put in the work. Finding your next career in tech doesn't require experience, but it's also important to note that this might just be the start of your journey.

That being said, Possible will accelerate your launch by helping you gain exposure to what roles exist, giving you deeper context on specific roles and how to speak to them, an understanding of the skills required, and knowledge of how to pursue these paths effectively.

Does it matter if I'm working full-time or if I'm unemployed?
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No - both of these are supported as Possible is built to be a part-time program. We have sought to build programming at different times throughout the day to accommodate various time zones and working schedules. We recognize people who are working full-time may not be able to attend every session, but we will ensure those can be watched on-demand.  Feel free to share your schedule during the application process to better understand if Possible works for you.

What's the cost of the Fellowship?
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Early bird pricing is $549 through Friday, August 27, 2021 and will increase to $599 after that. Applications close on Tuesday, September 7.

Transparently, future cohorts will increase in price, but there is a steep discount for those who are willing to be part of the pilot program and provide feedback to help us improve.

Our low price (equivalent to 2-3 hours of career coaching or a single day of an MBA) is reflective of our commitment to our mission. However if financial constraints are stopping you from applying, please let us know during the application process. We will do everything possible to find something that works for you. 

What is the time commitment for the fellowship per week?
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Expect to put in ~5-8 hours per week. There are no hard time commitments, you get what you put in.

Is there any incentive to applying with friends?
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We would love your help in spreading the word of Possible. We are a bootstrapped startup so we rely heavily on word-of-mouth instead of advertising. As an incentive, we will provide a discount of $50 for both you and any friend who does the program with you. Just note who you are signing up with during the interview process.

How is this different than a career coach, a bootcamp, or an MBA?
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Career coaches are there to help you identify personal goals, develop leadership, map your strengths, and support your job search. But career coaches are just one person and so they only have one perspective, and you are left to discover the roles that will leverage your strengths, build a network, and get a true perspective of those roles.

A bootcamp is about building depth in a skill once you have decided what role you want to pursue and assessed that you need to build skills. If you know exactly what you want to do, a bootcamp might be the right fit.

An MBA is a more traditional path to develop extensive business skills across different functions from finance to marketing to leadership development. It requires a full-time investment.

- The total cost for many of the top MBA programs is over $150,000/yr.
- Tuition at bootcamps average $13,579.
- Top career coaches cost between $150-500/hr.

And that doesn't include opportunity cost of doing these activities full-time. We think Possible is the best value to answer "what do I want to do next?"