Our Mission

To help lifelong learners explore their career options and proactively shape their career path.

A Note from our Founder 👋🏽

Possible was born out of my own journey. For a long time, I thought my options were to either have a job or to search for one, but I found along the way I had missed a critical step: I had forgotten to search for a career.

As someone with a background in education, I believe that we can do a better job of teaching practical career exploration. I believe that we can do this by flipping the career exploration equation from:

1. Isolating 👉🏽  Community-driven
2. Confusing  👉🏽  Enjoyable
3. Overwhelming  👉🏽  Structured

My goal is to help people discover new possibilities, tap into a network of high-potential, highly-curious explorers, and hear unfiltered views from those who have been there before.

I would love for you to join me.

David Chase

CEO & Founder

volkswagen van in the trees

Our Guiding Principles

Approach with Authenticity 

This is not a job interview. Just show up and share your unvarnished self so that you can gain true insight and new perspectives.

Open Doors for Others

Do not make this a zero sum experience. Success here is if you leave with a support system and can help others reach their goals.

Explore with Joy

When you explore new hikes or restaurants, we do so from a place of curiosity, excitement, and optimism. What if you did the same for career exploration?

Curiosity is the Key

Allow yourself to be open and curious to the possibilities. When curiosity is combined with structure and mindful action, new options appear.

Team Possible

We are a team seeking to change how people choose careers. We are explorers, creatives, and educators. Come join us.