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How It Works

We Flip the Career Search Equation

Isolating 👉🏽 Humanizing

Traditional career searching is isolating. Possible flips that equation into a tight-knight group of peers that helps you to understand your definition of career success, confront discomfort, and tell your story in a powerful way.

Bring Possible to Your University
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Confusing 👉🏽 Informative

Bring Possible to Your University

Questions 👉🏽 Answers

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what different career paths are really like instead of just reading job descriptions. And build a powerful network in the process.

Bring Possible to Your University
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What You Will Learn

Practical insights to help you choose your future

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Explore Your Options

See the full picture by connecting with those who have walked the path before you. Learn about functions, drill down on roles, and see impact of company stage.

  • Functions, Roles, Industry
  • Ease of Entry and Transition
  • Startups vs. Growth Stage vs. Fortune 500
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Try New Skills

Play around with projects and workshops in a low-pressure, curiosity-driven environment with the goal of finding what energizes you and feels engaging.

  • Real-World Projects
  • See Where your Existing Skills Fit
  • Learn Core Frameworks and Concepts
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Take Next Steps

Make an informed choice about the best path for you and get there with access to employers, workshops, recruiting panels, and more.

  • Storytelling, LinkedIn/CV, Networking Workshops
  • Exclusive Access to Employers
  • Intimate Fireside Chats

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    Employer or employee who wants to reach top, diverse, and pre-trained university students?

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