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Pilot Program

Experiment with careers in Product + Design.

Our first program will help you sample multiple career paths in product and design. Connect with career explorers and professionals alike while you learn and develop practical skills through hands-on projects.


8-10 hours a week
3+ projects
20+ sessions with practitioners

Program Dates
(Coming soon*)
Q2 2020

Program Cost

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How It Works

A structured way to explore new career paths

Weekly sessions with industry practitioners

Get a behind-the-scenes look at different paths. Hear from a range of industry practitioners with traditional and nontraditional backgrounds.

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Picture of a guy UX designer

UX Researcher
Fortune 100 Company

Design Strategist
Design Agency

UX Designer
Fortune 100 Company

A picture of a female design strategist 
A picture of a female UX researcher
man with beardA femlae ux freelancer
A male product manager

Product Designer
Series B Startup

UX Freelancer

Product Manager
Series A Startup
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Hands-on projects to discover what you like

Test your assumptions about different paths with case studies that simulate the day-to-day work of different career paths.

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Group working sessions to grow together

Career searching can feel extremely isolating, but exploration with others is meaningful. Join a tight-knight group of peers to learn from each other, stay accountable, get feedback, and reach your goals together.

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Video call
What Will You Learn

Practical insights to help you choose your future

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Get Exposure to the Tech Industry

See the full picture by connecting to those who have walked the path before you. Hear the  benefits and drawbacks of working at large companies, startups, and agencies.

  • PM/UX Roles at a Start-Up
  • PM/UX Roles at a Big Company
  • Product and Design at an Agency
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Understand Different Roles

We help you learn about the differences between design and product roles, talk to people at different stage companies, and get clear on the exact role you want.

  • Product Manager
  • UX Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Design Strategist
  • Visual Designer
  • UX Researcher
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Learn How to Break In

Get exposed to traditional and nontraditional pathways. Make an informed choice about best path for you before you invest thousands of dollars.

  • Bootcamps
  • ISAs
  • Self Guided Courses
  • Grad Programs
  • Alternative Paths
What We Believe

If we can try on shoes, we should be able to try on careers.

Don't Rush Your Next Step

"The biggest mistake people make while 'in transition' is to rush it." - Gagan Biyani, CEO @Maven,  co-founder at Udemy

Save Time and Money

Taking the time upfront to challenge your assumptions before investing years and money in building skills in the wrong area.

Have Fun With The Process

Exploration into your future career options should be enjoyable. It's a space to be open to new possibilities and learn freely.

Our Blog

Stories, updates, and ideas

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Why exploring careers is the missing step

We're not taught to explore, experiment & evaluate career options.

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Don't be this type of job searcher

There are 3 types of job searchers. Make sure you're not this one.

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How did you figure what you wanted to do in life?

No one has everything figure out.
The secret is to reframe the question.


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