Introducing Possible: A New Way to Explore Career Options

The experience of choosing a career is broken.
Today, the exploration process typically consists of reading generic job descriptions, trying some high-level courses, and chance encounters. The day-to-day realities of the different career paths, however, stay obscured until we actually start working in the job.

Today, we face limited visibility into our career options and external, internal, and financial pressure to search for jobs rather than explore careers. The problem is that by not taking the time to explore our options, we risk falling into career paths that don’t fit. 70% of the US workforce is unsatisfied with their career choices. What’s needed is not more job boards, but a way to get exposure, gain insight, and experiment with multiple career options. Taking time for career experimentation can help us avoid spending years in the wrong job or investing tens of thousands of dollars developing skills only to discover that the career isn’t the right fit.

This is why we are so excited to share Possible.

What is Possible?

We believe Possible's first cohort will be the start of a massive shift in the way we explore careers. Each week you will get a mix of live sessions from industry professionals, test different functions with hands-on projects, and attend events and workshops designed to help provide exposure and facilitate a career choice. Supported functions include: Design, Data Analytics, Product Management, Marketing, and Sales.

The first cohort will run from September 13-October 9th. Come join a community of like-minded, open-minded career explorers and apply today.

What makes Possible different?

Regardless of whether people are looking to launch their first career or are choosing to make a career change, we believe five key things are needed to make informed career decisions:

Exposure: Get exposure to different industries and different roles within different career paths.

Information: Develop a practical understanding of day-to-day realities, struggles, and opportunities for growth across different career paths.

Experience: Acquire hands-on experience in fields of interest to confidently determine career fit without investing years into one path. 

Guidance: Learn a structured, realistic approach to evaluating options, determining career fit, and creating a plan to break into a new field.

Network: Build community support and access to a network in the new field of interest.

Current solutions do not take a comprehensive approach to addressing these gaps. Our community-based cohorts are centered around experimentation and real professionals to equip people with the inspiration, information, experience, guidance and network they need to feel more confident in a decision to pursue a new career.

Who is Possible for?

This program is for:

- People who are looking to break into tech and are exploring multiple career paths.  

- People who have some experience in tech but are looking to explore new career paths within the industry.

If you already have a lot of experience in the tech industry or know exactly what you want to do next, you are not a great fit for the cohort. However, you may be a great fit as a mentor - please fill out this form if you are willing to lend your guidance!

What’s Next?

If you are interested in the program please apply today. Applications will take just 5 minutes and could change the trajectory of your career - so let's do this! Curious to learn more, but not ready to apply just yet, you can book 15 minutes with our founder here.

Or, if you want to stay in touch, join our newsletter.

Even if you are not currently career exploring, we would love it if you spread the word about Possible. Whether you believe in what we’re doing or you know people in your life who are exploring, each engagement and follow helps. We are bootstrapping and rely on content to drive our marketing efforts. You can follow our journeys here: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Finally, if you made it this far, a heartfelt thank you. We know it won’t be easy, but we are so excited to make exploring careers a fun, structured, and informative process and would love to have you next to us in this journey.

With gratitude,

Team Possible